Invasion of Love - The Path

€ 12,50 (KDV dâhil 9%)
Stokta - Teslimat süresi 1-3 iş günü içinde
This “Invasion of Love” series, comprised of three books, will create a brand new “invasion movement” in the world. The book you are holding in your hands is the 1st book in this series, and it is your first step… “THE PATH” * * * “THE PATH” is a journey of love… That begins with you and ends with you… It is a journey upon which an apprentice sets forth, The breath of a nay player, A lover’s heartbeat, A child’s smile, A seed reuniting with the soil… It is the roadmap depicting an utterly different world, One that you have dreamt of within the depths of your heart… This is not simply a book imparting knowledge. These pages have been designed to alter your life. Everything in this book has been put together meticulously—from the practical applications to the breathing exercises, from the use of chi energy to the tasks that will develop your talents to levels beyond your dreams, and within these pages you will read stories that will leave you with a big smile and stories that will cause you to cry your heart out… This book will get wet with your tears and will bear witness to your laughter, and will be a “PATH” for your awakening… When each breath you inhale meets the blood that comes out of your heart, your feet will take you a step further… Each time you take a new step, heaven will be created some more… When your heart finds the true reason to beat, When you witness the awakening of humanity, When you set out on this “PATH” with me, Life will find its meaning for the first time with you… The Invasion of Love sets in… We set out on the “PATH”! Are you ready?

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